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Gov. Brown’s May Revision to his January budget proposal includes a change to the kindergarten entry date and could deny up to 125,000 children the right to kindergarten. Under this proposal, the Administration would allow districts who choose to offer TK to collect full Average Daily Attendance funding for those children who are no longer eligible for kindergarten.

However, the proposal may still deny those children the right to kindergarten, which they had before. In districts that choose not to offer TK, children may be displaced and denied their right to public education.

This is inherently unequal, because children in one school district may have access to transitional kindergarten, while identically situated kids just one district over may not. If low-income children are denied TK, this will create a serious inequity and would widen the achievement gap.  Cutting kindergarten is a lose-lose-lose for California’s children, parents, teachers and schools.

Children Lose

  • Up to 125,000 of our youngest school children will be denied the right to kindergarten.
  • This is the largest number of kids ever denied the right to public school in the nation’s history.
  • Research shows that children will be more likely to fall behind, widening the achievement gap.
  • Without school readiness programs like transitional kindergarten, children are more likely to be placed in special education, retained in later grades and drop out of high school.
  • This is especially devastating for low-income kids and English learners.
      • Of the 125,000 children, 62 percent are from low-income schools and 40 percent are English learners.


            Parents Lose

            • With up to 125,000 children denied the the right to public school, parents may be forced to quit their jobs because they are faced with the dilemma of finding childcare for their children who would no longer go to school in the fall.
              • This plan would be particularly hard for low-income families, who cannot afford private childcare or preschool.
              • Publicly funded preschool programs have already been severely slashed in recent years and have huge waiting lists.

              Teachers and Schools Lose

              • Up to 5,000 teachers could permanently lose their jobs.
              • Schools could permanently lose up to $1 billion in ADA funding, including up to $100 million of special education funding.
                • They will be forced to tell families to fend for themselves.

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                Read more about the negative impact of eliminating kindergarten from Senator Joseph Simitian, author of the Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2010.

                  Join Preschool California in saving kindergarten

                  In his January budget, Gov. Brown has proposed denying up to 125,000 of the youngest school children - 1 out of 4 kindergarten-aged students - the right to kindergarten. This would be the largest number of students removed from public education in the nation's history. 

                  Jun 4: Assembly Supports Transitional Kindergarten, Passes Implementation Bill. Read the Press Release.

                  May 17: Los Angeles Unified School District Announces Plans to Expand Transitional Kindergarten to Every Elementary School. Read the Press Release.

                  May 15: Legislators, School Districts, Educators, Parents Affirm Strong Support for Transitional Kindergarten. Read the Press Release.

                  Apr 23: Los Angeles Unified, San Diego Unified, San Jose Unified Among Districts Announcing Plans to Implement Transitional Kindergarten Following California Senate Vote. Read the Press Release.

                  For past press releases, click here.


                  Map of the latest
                  school district TK plans.


                  Assembly map of the number
                  of students per Assembly district
                  who could lose their right to K.

                  Senate map of the number
                  of students per Senate district
                  who could lose their right to K.

                  *If you would like to get involved in our efforts to save kindergarten, please contact Diana Chun at (510) 271-0075 ext. 303 or

                  Audio & Video

                  Long Beach TK Family Rally

                  TK in LA & Fresno - New America Media

                  Telemundo Segment on TK


                  District Attorney Nancy O'Malley:
                  TK is a stepping stone to success,
                  reduces crime & costs.


                  LA Chamber of Commerce Sr. VP David Rattray: Business leaders see the benefits of TK.

                  KQED California Report: Budget Cuts Threaten TK, which addresses academic, physical, social, emotional needs.

                  California policymakers, business leaders, educators and parents support transitional kindergarten


                   Click above to see what California's leaders are saying about the devastating impact that kicking children out of kindergarten would have.

                  “While the trailer bill proposal would give districts the option whether or not they want to implement transitional kindergarten, displacing these students from kindergarten is still bad for kids, bad for families and bad for schools - whether it's the state or a local district that denies access."

                  The Honorable Joe Simitian, State Senator, State of California

                  Small school districts reject Gov. Brown's proposal to eliminate transitional kindergarten and remain excited for full implementation. Click to see why.

                  "We call on the Governor and the California Legislature to swiftly reject this proposal and restore the clarity that our more than 500 district members need to move forward with full implementation of transitional kindergarten and best serve our students."

                  – David Walrath, Legislative Advocate, Small School Districts' Association

                   Read what educators in the field think about the far-reaching benefits of transitional kindergarten.

                  “TK has been proven to be valuable to the school districts in lowering retention, special ed placement, and we predict dropout rates will go down.”

                  – Cathy Wietstock, Administrator, Orange County Department of Education

                  Parents have had a firsthand look at the developmental advantages that transitional kindergarten offers their children. Click above for their stories.

                  “Not only does my daughter love going...she is able to have an academically, socially and emotionally fostering experience that will help her not only succeed, but excel in kindergarten next year.”

                  – Caitlyn Otterstorm, mother of a Morgan Hill Unified School District child [Morgan Hill Times]

                  The California State PTA has joined the movement to save kindergarten! Click here for a brief on PTA's position opposing the proposal to eliminate funding for kindergarten, which would deny children children the opportunities and experiences that transitional kindergarten affords.

                  The coalition of kindergarten supporters continues to grow greater each day. Find the list below:

                  Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield
                  Assemblymember Susan Bonilla
                  Assemblymember Julia Brownley
                  Assemblymember Luis Alejo
                  Assemblymember Ricardo Lara
                  Assemblymember Alan Lowenthal
                  Assemblymember Richard Pan
                  Assemblymember Sandré Swanson
                  Advancement Project
                  Alliance for a Better Community
                  Bay Area Council
                  California Department of Education
                  California Federation of Teachers
                  California Kindergarten Association
                  California State PTA
                  Children Now
                  East LA Community Corporation
                  Families in Schools
                  Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California
                  First 5 Fresno County
                  Fresno County Office of Education
                  Fresno Unified School District
                  InnerCity Struggle
                  Jump Start
                  Kingsburg Elem. Charter School District
                  Kingsburg Joint Union School District
                  Learning Rights Law Center
                  Los Angeles County Office of Education
                  Los Angeles Unified School District
                  Los Angeles Urban League
                  National Council of La Raza
                  Oakland Unified School District
                  Orange County Business Council
                  Parent Institute for Quality Education
                  Sacramento City Unified School District
                  Sacramento County Office of Education
                  San Diego Unified School District
                  San Diego Regional EDC
                  Silicon Valley Leadership Group
                  Small School District Association
                  The Education Trust-West
                  Woodville Union School District
                  Senator Joe Simitian

                  Click here to view the many support letters from educators, administrators, and business and community leaders.


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