Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: A Landmark Federal Early Learning Plan and Opportunities for California

A fact sheet on the president's early learning plan, why it matters, what it means for California and what you can do to make it happen.

Early Learning and the Local Control Funding Formula

A fact sheet on why school districts, county offices of education and communities should consider early childhood education as they begin to transition to LCFF and craft Local Control and Accountability Plan goals and priorities

Dual Language Learning: What the Research Says about Improving Student Outcomes

A fact sheet showcasing research that show dramatic new insights into how young children acquire language, and how this affects their brain development.

Early Childhood Education COUNTS

A fact sheet with quick facts that show why early childhood education adds up for our children, families, schools and California economy

Selected Studies on Impact of Early Childhood Education Studies

An overview of key preschool studies, including: Meta analyses of the effects of early childhood education programs; economic return estimates of early learning programs; and short- and long-term benefits of public programs in New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Tulsa, and Chicago.

2015-16 Budget Memo

Early Edge California's summary highlights and comments on the 2015-16 enacted California budget package

Expanded TK: A State-Funded Kindergarten Readiness Option for Local Education Agencies

Expanded TK provides LEAs a valuable opportunity to prepare children for success in school, offer additional early learning choices for families and start narrowing achievement gaps. This document provides an overview of how Expanded TK works, why it matters, and the local context.

Why Birth to 3rd Grade?

Fact sheet on why early learning, starting from birth up through 3rd grade, is crucial for setting children on a path to college and career readiness

Transitional Kindergarten: Preparing California's Children to Succeed in Kindergarten

General fact sheet on California's newest grade, transitional kindergarten

Choosing a High-Quality Preschool

High-quality preschool gets kids ready to learn and succeed by developing pre-reading, math and social skills. Here a few things you should look for.

Transitional Kindergarten Resource Sheet

Learn about TKCalifornia.org and its wealth of transitional kindergarten resources, as well as the TK Monthly Webinar.

Latino Voters Agree: Early Learning Is A Winning Issue

Public opinion surveys conducted by Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), Field Poll, Anzalone Liszt Grove Research and the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group show Latino voters overwhelmingly support and value high-quality early childhood education investments.

Polls: American Voters Support Investments in Early Learning

Public opinion surveys that underscore how American voters, from diverse backgrounds and political parties, support and value early childhood investments

Voices for Transitional Kindergarten

Quotes from parents, business leaders, community leaders, teachers, and more, who know the impact transitional kindergarten can have on California's children, families, schools and economy.

Research Shows The Benefits of High-quality Early Learning

These studies represent just a sampling of the research that demonstrates that investments in early learning reap significant benefits for children, schools, and the state of California.

Expanded TK Brief

This brief details the varied approaches used by several school districts—from large urban to small rural ones—that are pioneering the use of Expanded TK to help children get the best possible start in school.

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